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Account Help

Here's how to manage and customize your DCMP account information, find handy shortcuts, and learn about valuable features that may be new to you.

My Account

You can quickly access your account by selecting the "Account" button at the top right of the page.

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Account button

Once you are logged in, you will see your Dashboard. Your dashboard displays reminders for when Media Feedback is due, provides a link to create and edit Student Accounts and Classes, lists News and Announcements from our Learning Center, allows editing of your Browsing Preferences, provides a list of all Topics for browsing media titles, and shows videos that you've saved in your "My Favorites" list.


Your Settings page contains all your necessary DCMP account information. This information is editable as detailed below.

Settings shows user name, photo, edit, change photo. User information: name, email, username, account status, edit information. Newsletter, subscribe or unsubscribe. Address information, add new address.

Profile Photo

You can upload any photo you like to your profile by clicking "Change Photo."


Usernames can only be changed or edited by DCMP staff. If you have forgotten your username, go to the DCMP login page and click "Forgot my username."


DCMP staff do not have access to passwords. If you have forgotten your username, or just wish to change it, go to the DCMP login page and click "Forgot my password."


To change the email address associated with your account, go to Account > Settings and click "Edit Information" under User Information.


Your mailing address is where DCMP will ship DVDs that you order. To edit your mailing address, go to Account > Settings and click "edit" under Address Information. To add a new address, click "Add New Address." You can have multiple shipping addresses in your account.


To subscribe or unsubscribe to the DCMP newsletter, go to Account > Settings and click "Edit Subscription" under Newsletter.

My Favorites

When you see a heart icon when you're viewing a video or browsing topics and subtopics, you can click the heart to save that video, topic, or subtopic in your Favorites.

outline of red heart on upper right of video page.

Media History

Your Media History shows every media item you have viewed or previewed, whether online or on DVD. This is where you'll go to leave Media Responses, extend due dates for DVDs, and cancel ordered DVDs.

Media History.

Media Responses

DCMP members are required to leave feedback on the media they view in order to help keep DCMP a free service. Learn more at the Media Responses Help page.

Students and Classes

DCMP members can create Student Accounts for students who are under the age of 18. Members can also create "Classes," which are groups of student accounts, for easily assignment media to multiple students. Learn more in our Student Accounts Help section.

Students and Classes. Create new class. Create new student.

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