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How to Order DCMP DVDs

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All of DCMP's videos have "always on" accessibility features such as captions or description, and DCMP DVDs are fully accessible. Members can borrow DVDs at no cost. DVDs are shipped in a returnable envelope with return postage prepaid. DVDs are generally due one week after receipt.

Request a DVD

DCMP members can browse or search among thousands of educational videos, and stream videos online. For those who wish to order a DVD, after you find the video you want, look for the "Request a DVD" button below the video player:

Request a DVD button.

When you select the "Request a DVD" button, you'll be taken to the order page. Order DVD page

✔ Choose a Delivery Address

Make sure your shipping address is correct. Add a new address if necessary.

✔ Select a Title

Choose the language and accessibility features if more than one is available. (Some DCMP media items are available in Spanish.)

✔ Delivery Date

Select the date you wish to receive the DVD. (You can book DVDs up to a year in advance.)

Place Order

Click the "Place Order" button.

Review Your Order

After you place your order, you should see the message, "DVD Order Placed!" Double-check the arrival date and shipping address.

Review order.

If you made a mistake and need to cancel the order, follow the link to your Account Media History.

Media History page.

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