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DCMP News & Announcements

  • Poster for No Ordinary Hero the Super Deaf movie. A man in a suit stands with Super Deafy comic books behind him. Inset of a sad boy outside holding a Super Deafy doll. Inset of Marlee Matlin smiling.

    No Ordinary Hero: The Super Deafy Movie

    Produced by deaf executive producers and directed by a deaf director, No Ordinary Hero: The Super Deafy Movie follows the evolution of the beloved character and role model who must reveal the man behind the cape to find true love and inspire a young deaf boy to believe in himself. Starring John Maucere and Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin. Described and captioned. Rated PG.

  • Round shapes with the covers of each book.

    Weston Woods' audiovisual adaptations bring outstanding children's picture books to life, and DCMP’s description and captions help make them accessible. Supertruck, The Very First Thanksgiving Day, Groovy Joe: Ice Cream and Dinosaurs, and Hi! Fly Guy (Grades 1-4), and Grace for President (Grades 4-6).

  • Bill Nye wears sunglasses, a bow tie and a lab coat while he holds a small model of Jupiter next to a large model of the Sun.

    Why With Nye

    Bill Nye teams up with NASA in the new series Why With Nye to explain the science behind the mission to Jupiter. The goals of the mission include understanding the origin and evolution of Jupiter, locating a solid planetary core, and mapping the magnetic field.

  • Muppets Big Bird, Abelardo, Grover, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Pancho Contrera, and Lola.

    Plaza Sésamo

    DCMP is proud to offer Plaza Sésamo, the Spanish-language version of Sesame Street! Captioned for deaf and hard of hearing children, Plaza Sésamo teaches basic literacy and numeracy and helps children gain a better understanding of the world around them.

New Media Releases

  • Image from Plants With Flowers (Spanish)

    Plants With Flowers (Spanish) - 2012 - 11 minutes

    Flowers are everywhere. Students define what a flower is and the parts that make up a flower. They also learn the importance of flowering plants in daily life.

  • Image from Sun and Stars (Spanish)

    Sun and Stars (Spanish) - 2012 - 11 minutes

    Students investigate properties of the Sun. Special attention is given to other celestial bodies in space such as asteroids and comets.

  • Image from Trees (Spanish)

    Trees (Spanish) - 2012 - 12 minutes

    Students learn the different parts of trees. They also investigate the difference between the terms deciduous and coniferous. Explore the reasons trees are important parts of the environment.

  • Image from Using Electricity (Spanish)

    Using Electricity (Spanish) - 2013 - 10 minutes

    Students explore the many important uses of electricity. The nature of electricity and the formation of electric current are highlighted. Special attention is given to safety and electricity. Concepts and terminology include charge, current, lightning, battery, generator, and wiring.

  • Image from Vibrations and Waves (Spanish)

    Vibrations and Waves (Spanish) - 2013 - 10 minutes

    Students investigate the features of vibrations and waves. Examples of these phenomena help students understand how sounds are formed, how light travels, and how ocean waves move. Students also explore different types of waves such as microwaves, radio waves, and seismic waves. Concepts and terminology include vibration, energy, wave, light, and sound.

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