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DCMP News & Announcements

  • A woman uses DCMP on a tablet.

    How To Make the Most of Your DCMP Membership

    Our tech team has put together simple how-to videos on using DCMP's cool features, including using Roku, interactive transcripts, student accounts, embedding videos, and DCMP's iOS app.

  • 2017 two ounce U.S. stamp with Robert Panara signing "respect."

    Robert Panara honored with US postage stamp

    Robert Panara, professor, poet, historian, drama-club coach, and authority on deaf figures in literature has been honored with a new "Forever" U.S. postage stamp. Watch this DCMP exclusive, Robert Panara: A Profile, by and from Robert Panara.

  • Two skydivers leap from a small airplane. Words: Science Out Loud.

    MIT's Science Out Loud

    Science Out Loud is an original web series hosted and co-written by MIT students on everything from the physics of skydiving to knitting a Mobius scarf (Grades 9-12).

  • Round shapes with the covers of each book.

    Weston Woods' audiovisual adaptations bring outstanding children's picture books to life, and DCMP’s description and captions help make them accessible. Supertruck, The Very First Thanksgiving Day, Groovy Joe: Ice Cream and Dinosaurs, and Hi! Fly Guy (Grades 1-4), and Grace for President (Grades 4-6).

New Media Releases

  • Image from Teen Kids News (Episode 1348)

    Teen Kids News (Episode 1348) - 2016 - 21 minutes

    In this episode, the top news story highlights the importance of paying attention while driving. The National Road Safety Foundation reminds teen drivers that not all obstacles are visible when driving. The episode also brings attention to bullying and showcases a unique anti-bullying program. Other segments include cheerleading, global warming, baseball facts, and balloon art. Part of the "Teen Kids News" series.

  • Image from Teen Kids News (Episode 1346)

    Teen Kids News (Episode 1346) - 2016 - 21 minutes

    This episode's top news story takes a look at how the fashion industry can influence self-esteem. Dr. Megan Jones, a psychologist from Stanford University, provides advice for developing a healthy self-image. A segment also focuses on driver safety and shows the negative consequences of tailgating. Other segments include turning trash into treasure, Team USA Soccer Camps, and a recipe for peanut butter and chocolate oatmeal. Part of the "Teen Kids News" series.

  • Image from Teen Kids News (Episode 1347)

    Teen Kids News (Episode 1347) - 2016 - 22 minutes

    Performance enhancing drugs are the top news story for this episode. Superstars like Lance Armstrong have fallen into disgrace for cheating with performance enhancing drugs. But millions of American teens could be using these substances without even knowing it. Also covered in this episode is a website designed specifically to get girls interested in STEM. Other segments include the winners of a PSA for the National Road Safety Foundation and a recipe for apple oatmeal bowls. Part of the "Teen Kids News" series.

  • Image from Teen Kids News (Episode 1339)

    Teen Kids News (Episode 1339) - 2016 - 23 minutes

    In this episode, get some tips on how to deal with stress. The top news story for this episode includes a special tour of the Titan Missile Museum in Arizona. Other segments include facts about Virginia's state flag, a children's book that was written on a bet, and driver safety tips. Part of the "Teen Kids News" series.

  • Image from Teen Kids News (Episode 1248)

    Teen Kids News (Episode 1248) - 2015 - 23 minutes

    In this episode, the reporting team gets a few lessons on online etiquette. Other segments include a boy and his baseball blog and yoga moves that help reduce stress. The team also travels to Charleston, SC and visits Fort Sumter. In health related news, experts reveal possible hazards of teens using teeth whitening products. Part of the "Teen Kids News" series.

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