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DCMP News & Announcements

  • Video still from Dicapta P S A. Cartoon image of a young woman holding and touching a green hat. Captions read It is round and very soft.

    Campaign for Accessible Television

    United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities is December 3, and our friends at Dicapta are commemorating the day by campaigning for accessible television. Check out their two video clips, with English and Spanish versions, designed to motivate people to turn captions on and to describe for others.

  • Happy Holidays from DCMP

    Happy Holidays from DCMP!

    Image description: A store front is flanked by a glass door with a sign reading “DCMP: Everything Is Free.” The storefront glass is paned, and visible through it from left to right are a dancing teddy bear, a turquoise Furby, a little red wagon with a large ball inside, and a standing Raggedy Ann doll with a model airplane hovering overhead. Also visible on the left between the Teddy Bear and the wagon are four large wooden blocks stacked on top of each other, each with one of the letters of the D C M P appearing in order. Snow lines the sidewalk and doorway outside the store front.

  • A woman uses DCMP on a tablet.

    How To Make the Most of Your DCMP Membership

    Our tech team has put together simple how-to videos on using DCMP's cool features, including using Roku, interactive transcripts, student accounts, embedding videos, and DCMP's iOS app.

New Media Releases

  • Image from Career Connections: Biomedical Engineer

    Career Connections: Biomedical Engineer - 2015 - 5 minutes

    Chris Pulliam is a product manager at Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies. He specializes in designing equipment that monitors different signals the body generates. Biomedical engineers work at the intersection of medicine and engineering. Part of the "Career Connections" series.

  • Image from Career Connections: Prosthetist (Dayton Artificial Limb)

    Career Connections: Prosthetist (Dayton Artificial Limb) - 2015 - 6 minutes

    Hear a lower-limb prosthetist describe how a trip abroad put him on his career path and how emerging 3-D printing technology allows him to improve the quality of life for more of his patients. Part of the "Career Connections" series.

  • Image from Career Connections: Paramedic

    Career Connections: Paramedic - 2015 - 5 minutes

    Paramedics at the Columbus, Ohio Division of Fire answer calls ranging from fire, EMS, hazardous materials, and bomb threats. These health care professionals are licensed to provide pre-hospital advanced life support for individuals in emergency situations. Part of the "Career Connections" series.

  • Image from Career Connections: Speech Therapist

    Career Connections: Speech Therapist - 2014 - 7 minutes

    A speech therapist works with a community of people with developmental disabilities and helps her clients develop their communication skills. She shares the background, training, and education necessary for success in her field. Part of the "Career Connections" series.

  • Image from Career Connections: Television Reporter

    Career Connections: Television Reporter - 2014 - 6 minutes

    What elements go into creating a news package? For a career as a television reporter, studying broadcast journalism is key. Part of the "Career Connections" series.

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