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DCMP News & Announcements

  • A young black woman walks down a city street.

    Black History Month: Hallowed Grounds

    The theme for Black History Month in 2016 is: “Hallowed Grounds: Sites of African American Memories.” The imprint of Americans of African descent is deeply embedded in the narrative of the American past. DCMP has great described and captioned media resources to aid in your study.

    Parents and teachers with children who are deaf or hard of hearing should also not miss the just-updated DCMP article Black Deaf Culture Through the Lens of Black Deaf History by Benro Ogunyipe on behalf of the National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA). The NBDA is the official advocacy organization for thousands of Black Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans, at the forefront of efforts for civil rights and equal access to education and employment.

  • Parents Choice

    Parents’ Choice” Award-Winning Television Programming

    Quality television programs have been made accessible through DCMP, and through recipients of five Department of Education (ED) funded television access grants. Programming from one company, Litton Entertainment, has consistently been recognized by Parents’ Choice Children’s Media and Toy Reviews for quality programming. Bridge Multimedia provides description for Litton through the access grants, and titles from the following 2016 award-winning series are being distributed by DCMP: Game Changers; Peg + Cat; The Henry Ford Innovation Nation With Mo Rocca; Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown; Lucky Dog; Ocean Mysteries; Sea Rescue; and lots more.

  • National Court Reporting and Captioning Week: Feb. 14-20

    National Court Reporting and Captioning Week

    The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) indicates that court reporting and captioning careers “…offer both flexibility and significant income potential. Court reporters and captioners are able to begin a career without a traditional four-year college degree, and these highly trained professionals experience the continuous professional growth associated with an in-demand career.” To help celebrate the week, the NCRA has made available numerous resources, including these for schools. Related DCMP resources for advanced students include: 1) the Captioning Key “how to” captioning guidelines; 2) the historical 1979 video interview with the “Father of Closed Captioning” and its accompanying resource guide.

New Media Releases

  • Image from Curiosity Quest: Salmon

    Curiosity Quest: Salmon - 2011 - 26 minutes

    The Curiosity Quest crew travels to Alaska to learn about salmon. During their visit, host Joel Greene interviews an Alaska Fish and Wildlife Specialist, who explains why Alaskan creeks are bursting with salmon. They also discuss why salmon travel thousands of miles to revisit the place they were born. Joel also visits a salmon hatchery and learns the role it plays in preserving the few species of salmon by protecting the newly hatched salmon eggs. Part of the Curiosity Quest Series.

  • Image from Curiosity Quest Goes Green: School Lunch Trays Recycling

    Curiosity Quest Goes Green: School Lunch Trays Recycling - 2011 - 26 minutes

    Curiosity Quest visits an elementary school that is doing their part to protect the environment. The students have created a lunch tray recycling program, and host Joel Greene visits the cafeteria to see how the school recycles all their foam lunch trays. Part of the Curiosity Quest Series.

  • Image from Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Sea Turtle Rescue

    Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Sea Turtle Rescue - 2012 - 25 minutes

    Curiosity Quest Goes Green host Joel Greene visits the sea turtle hospital in Marathon, Florida to meet the staff who has dedicated their lives to rescuing, rehabbing, and releasing sea turtles back into the wild. Some turtles get hit by boats, some swallow fishing hooks, some have tumors, but all of these amazing creatures can be treated at this hospital. Hopefully they heal quickly and return back to their natural habitat. Part of the Curiosity Quest Series.

  • Image from Curiosity Quest: Making Snow

    Curiosity Quest: Making Snow - 2010 - 27 minutes

    In this episode, the Curiosity Quest crew visits a ski resort and learns how they make snow. Host Joel Greene joins the ski resort staff in their early morning preparations as they ready the resort for skiers. Part of the Curiosity Quest Series.

  • Image from Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Artificial Turf

    Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Artificial Turf - 2009 - 27 minutes

    Sports organizations have known for a long time that artificial turf saves money and water. And some homeowners even install fake grass to help protect the environment and conserve water. Join Joel and the Curiosity Quest crew as he learns how this grass is made and installed. Part of the Curiosity Quest Series.

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