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Major Upgrades for DCMP's ASL Pop-Up Player

We’re excited to announce important upgrades in our ASL Pop-Up, a secondary video player that provides American Sign Language interpretation of video content. While we’ve been busy adding ASL to hundreds of videos in the DCMP streaming library, we’ve also been developing new ways to improve the user experience for our members.

DCMP video player shows an icon of two hands using sign language.

ASL Pop-Up Player

For videos that have ASL interpretation, activate the secondary player by clicking on the “interpret” icon in the settings menu at the bottom of the main player. Select “overlay” or “side-by-side.”

ASL pop-up settings menu shows three options: overlay, side-by-side, and off.

Overlay mode places a second, smaller player on the web page. You can drag the pop-up anywhere on the page.

Screen capture of a video playing in a large window while a smaller secondary window shows a person using sign language.

Side-by-side mode places both players next to each other at the same size.

Screen capture of two videos playing side-by-side at the same size. One is an educational video, the second is a sign language interpreter.

Both modes also work when you’re viewing the video in Fullscreen, which can be toggled by selecting the “fullscreen” icon in the far right of the settings bar.

Full-screen educational video playing with a smaller window in the upper right hand corner showing a person using sign language.

Pop-Up Player Resizing

The pop-up can now be resized in "overlay" mode. On desktops, click the pop-up player and white corner brackets will appear that you can drag to enlarge. On mobile devices, you can pinch-to-zoom to change the size.

Image of the ASL Pop-up player window showing a person using sign language. The four corners of the video show small white handles with red arrows pointing out and away, indicating the video window can be resized.

The system will remember your sizing and placement the next time you view a video with ASL. This is device specific, so if you put it in the upper left corner on your home computer and then go to work, you’ll need to reposition it there.

Smartphone view of two videos stacked. The educational video on top and the ASL video on bottom.

Native Support for Mobile Devices

DCMP’s ASL Pop-Up now provides a smoother experience on mobile devices by integrating with iOS and Android native features. Resizing works on smartphones, although the pop-up player cannot overlap the main video player. The best option may be to use the side-by-side mode if you are using a small device like a smartphone.

Selecting Side-by-side for a smartphone in Portrait mode will stack the videos so that each of the two video windows are the same size and easy to see; When you turn your phone sideways and place it in Landscape mode, the videos will appear side-by-side.

How to Find ASL Pop-Up Videos

  • All DCMP videos with added ASL interpretation can be found on our ASL Pop-Up page.
  • Each time you log in, you can scroll down your dashboard page to find the Latest Titles with ASL.
  • When you Browse videos, image thumbnails will have a green "ASL" tag in the upper-left corner.
  • In Search results, select "Filter Results" and choose "ASL" under "Accessibility/Language."
Screen shot shows user dashboard that says Hi Sally! and shows three sections. Media Responses, News and Announcements, and Latest Titles with ASL.

Recommend Videos

If you would like to recommend that ASL be added to an existing video in DCMP’s streaming library, visit the ASL Pop-Up page or contact us at

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