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Many of the educational programs we offer are part of a series. Here's how to tell if a video is part of a series and how to find its series page.

When you are browsing or searching for media, you can instantly get more information about any title by hovering your mouse over the preview image (or touching the image once on a mobile device). If the video is part of a series, the name of the series will be displayed first.

Series page shows video thumbnails. Pointer hovers over a thumbnail and it shows name of series, season and episode number, duration, grade levels, and icons for captions and description.

To see all of the videos within a series, select the video that is part of the series you wish to see. You will be taken to that video's player page.

Highlighted area shows series name with a link.

Under the description of the video, look for "Series" and click the name of the series. Now you'll be taken to the series page and see all the videos associated with that series.

series page for The Magic School Bus shows thumbnail images of all the videos in the series.

Additionally, when you click the "Browse" button at the top of the page, look for the "Browse by Series" link to filter your results to only display videos that are part of a series.

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