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How to View DCMP on Apple TV


Television with DCMP channel on screen.

DCMP's library of described and captioned educational videos is now available on Apple TV. If you have an Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K that is running at least tvOS 12.3, you can search for “DCMP” in the App Store.

DCMP's content is described and captioned on Apple TV, just as it is on our website, DVDs, iOS app, and Roku channel. You can browse by topic, subtopic, and by series. Searching by state and Common Core standards, however, is only possible on the DCMP website.

Search by Key Words

screen shot shows search field and row of alphabet letters

Browse by Topics

screen shot shows list of topics.

Browse by Series

screen shot shows rows of thumbnail images for series.

View Media Details

screen shot of player page. Shows player window with preview of video, description of the video, buttons for play video, favorite, and rate, and a list of related videos.

If you have questions or comments about DCMP on Apple TV, please contact us at

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