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ASL Pop-up Player

DCMP members often request the addition of American Sign Language interpretation as an accessibility feature. To this end, we're excited to present the ASL Pop-up! Select videos now include ASL interpretation through a pop-up window. From DCMP Help Center

ASL Training Resources for Parents and Educators

The DCMP has a huge collection of ASL training materials for qualifying parents, teachers, and educational interpreters. Interpreters can earn CEUs through the use of DCMP's Online Workshops. about educators, parents, ASL

Interpreters and the DCMP: They Help Busy Teachers

I am an interpreter in the Michigan public schools. When I began interpreting at the secondary school level in 1996, I discovered that the majority of our media center's video collection was NOT captioned, even though we were a large, urban school with a center-based deaf education program for many years! Since then I have moved into an elementary placement, where I discovered a similar lack of captioned media. From Leslie Darling about asl-interpreters, educators

The CMP Captions Videos for the SignWriting Literacy Project

[Editor's note: This article was written in 2004 and has since been archived. Some of the information contained therein may be outdated. The CMP is now the DCMP.] From Valerie Sutton about consumers, literacy, asl-interpreters

Captioning and Interpreting of Films and Videos: Do Both Have a Place?

Author Sheila Chapman, a registered interpreter, relates her experiences in interpreting films and videos, some tips for an interpreter to prepare for this type of interpreting, and reasons why captioning is better. From Sheila Chapman about captioning, asl-interpreters

DCMP: A Valuable Media Resource for Educators and Parents

We're excited to share with you a free educational resource for students with disabilities: The Described and Captioned Media Program. about educators, asl-interpreters, parents

Using myASLTech with Clips and Lessons

myASLTech, a unique suite of assistive technology tools for creating educational materials, offers a membership discount through DCMP. If you're a DCMP member, you can import educational materials created with myASLTech into DCMP's Clips and Lessons. From DCMP Help Center

Online Workshops

The following workshops are available for continuing education credit. Certain workshops have been approved for RID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) and ACVREP (Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation & Education Professionals) credit. Upon successful completion of a workshop, you will receive a certificate, which can be used with other credentialing organizations. If you have any questions, please contact us at From DCMP Help Center

RCAA Dr Seuss Videos With Captions, Audio Description, and ASL Translation

DCMP offers members a DVD with several captioned Dr. Seuss videos in the order form below. You can either borrow this DVD or stream them on demand through DCMP's website. The streaming videos also feature audio description and American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, but the DVDs do not. From about rcaa

Accessible Videos and Resources for Families and Educators in Early Childhood Education

DCMP provides resources to support early intervention and early childhood special education for educators, families, and support personnel with children with a disability. These resources can be used as remote learning tools, family resources, and professional development opportunities. From about educators, parents, topic-playlist, ASL

Celebrate Deaf Culture with Accessible Media

Last full week of September Purpose: To commemorate the first World Congress of the Deaf (1951) and to celebrate Deaf Culture about educators, history, asl-interpreters, parents

Captioning, Audio Description, and American Sign Language Services

DCMP is proud to partner with hundreds of top educational and broadcast content creators and distributors to make important STEM programming accessible for young people with disabilities, including those who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind. Our partners include creators of content for schools and educators, producers of Emmy-Award winning E/I television programming, schools and teachers, and YouTube science, art, and history communicators. From about description, captioning, producers-and-distributors, standards, ASL, partners

Summer Reading With Accessible Videos

Develop a summer reading program for all ages using DCMP's accessible videos! Captions, audio description, and ASL can help improve literacy and comprehension skills for all ages, and you can always expect high quality with DCMP's videos. At home, turn on the captions and every viewing experience will become a learning opportunity. about topic-playlist, literacy

Dual Accommodations: Using Interpreters and Speech-to-Text Services

Interpreting and speech-to-text services are commonplace accommodations for an audience comprised of several deaf individuals who rely on different communication modes (e.g., ASL, lip reading). This type of dual accommodation most often occurs at large magnet events such as conferences. Dual accommodation for an individual student in a postsecondary setting occurs less frequently but is appropriate under certain circumstances. about pepnet, fast-fact

Dual Accommodations: Using Interpreters and Speech-to-Text Services

Providing interpreting and speech-to-text services is a commonplace accommodation in settings where an audience is comprised of several individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing who rely on different communication modes (e.g., ASL, lip reading, etc.). about module-resource, pepnet, fast-fact

Learning Resources for Parents of Students With Disabilities

Each school year brings new challenges for parents and their children. Whether you're working on an IEP, juggling remote learning with classroom instruction, learning ASL, or building math and literacy skills, DCMP can make this time a little less stressful with our free resources. From about parents, blindness, deaf-blind, deaf, topic-playlist

DCMP Distribution of Fully Accessible Streaming Media

DCMP partners with top educational and broadcast E/I content partners and distributors to make their content accessible and available to students with disabilities. High-quality audio description and captions are created, along with full masters, and in exchange, our partners make their content available on DCMP's targeted distribution services for schools and families who have students with disabilities. Access to DCMP is limited to qualified educators and family members who register online. All content is secured through DRM protection. From

Hundreds of New Accessible Educational Videos You May Have Missed at DCMP

DCMP is continually adding new accessible videos and series, and you may have missed some. These lists can point you toward finding these new educational videos from many of the top content producers, including PBS Digital Studios, Teen Kids News, Litton Entertainment, the Field Museum, Bullfrog Films, PBS Learning Media, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Cinefete, and Films Media Group. Check the "New Releases" feed on your Account Dashboard to keep up with all new arrivals! From about topic-playlist

How to Embed DCMP Videos

DCMP videos can be embedded in any secure web page or learning management system (LMS) that accepts HTML embed code and has a valid TLS/SSL certificate. If you see a "padlock" symbol in the address bar while using your website/LMS, this indicates the site is secure, and should work with DCMP video embeds. From DCMP Help Center

How to Stream DCMP Media on the Web

This section details how to stream videos on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All of DCMP's videos are accessible, with captions and/or audio description. From DCMP Help Center