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Emmy-Nominated Series "Kids Speak Out" Available at DCMP Through Barbara Harrison Media

Faces of several smiling children standing in a circle, viewed from below as they look at the camera. Text: Kids Speak Out-Conversations with kids about what's going on in the world.

DCMP is proud to partner with Barbara Harrison Media to present accessible episodes of the Emmy-nominated series Kids Speak Out to families and educators. Kids Speak Out features young people ages 6-19 from around the world speaking for themselves about the big issues they face, and this partnership will ensure that kids with disabilities are included in the conversation. The series is hosted by Emmy-winning television anchor and journalist Barbara Harrison and executive produced by Celia Straus.

Each episode of Kids Speak Out has been captioned and audio described for students with disabilities. Audio description is a secondary audio track that provides additional narration describing important visual elements in video. The series is available through DCMP's website and platforms to ensure that the accessible version of the series will always be freely available to the students who need captions and audio description.

DCMP membership is free for families and educators who have at least one K-12 student with a disability, and Kids Speak Out is freely available to all students who can benefit from accessible media. Check out this episode of Kids Speak Out with captions and audio description:

Funding for DCMP is provided by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. All of DCMP's services are free.

About Barbara Harrison Media

Barbara Harrison smiles and wears a blue dress. Text: Barbara Harrison Media

Barbara Harrison Media, Inc, was founded in Washington, DC in 2019 by Barbara Harrison and Celia Straus to launch a podcast and video streaming studio dedicated to producing unique podcast and video series covering a wide variety of topics that both entertain and educate listeners of targeted demographics. Besides executive producing, Barbara Harrison participates as an interviewer, host, and storyteller with the same degree of enthusiasm, professional journalism, and exacting standards that she has been known for maintaining at NBC for over three decades, earning her 19 Emmys. BHM also co-brands “Kids Speak Out” with the United Nations.

Barbara Harrison Media website

Kids Speak Out website

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