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Revolutionizing Children's Literature: Imagination Storybooks Merges into DCMP to Enhance Accessibility for Children with Disabilities

Imagination Storybooks by DCMP

Denver, CO, November 15 - In a landmark initiative set to launch on December 1st, Imagination Storybooks, previously known as Imagination Videobooks, is becoming "Imagination Storybooks by DCMP," heralding a new era of inclusivity in children's literature.

Richard Rieman, CEO of Imagination Videobooks and Imagination Storybooks, announced the organization's commitment to revolutionizing children's books. "Our expanded mission aims to bridge the accessibility gap for blind, deaf, and learning-challenged children. We're introducing rich audio descriptions, captions, sign language, and downloadable braille files to make illustrated books universally accessible," Rieman stated.

This groundbreaking initiative involves merging assets into the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP), a nonprofit funded by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the National Association of the Deaf.

Highlighting the importance of authentic representation, Rieman added, "Our approach to audio description is unique because it's created by those who rely on it. Tristan Snyder, our Executive Producer, is not only a blind audio description quality expert but also an award-winning narrator and audio engineer. We prioritize hiring blind and low-vision narrators and quality-control experts, ensuring that our content resonates with our audience and gives back to the community."

Imagination Videobooks, Inc. will transfer all its assets to the DCMP. The richly described and sign-language-inclusive video library, boasting over 150 titles, will be available on the Imagination Storybooks by DCMP Channel at resource is available free of charge to tens of thousands of children with disabilities, along with their parents and educators.

“We’re very excited that Imagination Storybooks will be joining the DCMP family," said Jason Stark, DCMP CEO. “Production and distribution of high-quality, accessible video versions of children's storybooks will continue through Imagination Storybooks by DCMP.”

About Imagination Storybooks

Recognition for Imagination Storybooks' commitment to inclusivity in children's literature comes from prestigious awards by the American Council of the Blind, including the "Audio Description Game Changer in Education" and a Special Recognition Award in 2021 for dedicating its mission to fostering early literacy for children who are blind or have low vision. Imagination Storybooks produces the award-winning weekly podcast “Illustrated Audiobooks with the Audiobook Wizard,” celebrated for its storytelling excellence and innovation in audio experiences.

About DCMP

The DCMP plays a crucial role in enhancing the academic achievement of students with disabilities, partnering with leading educational and media organizations to make content accessible. A recognized leader in media accessibility for over 30 years, DCMP continues to make strides in the production, technology, and distribution of educational media.

For further details on Imagination Storybooks' innovative approach to children's literature, visit Media inquiries can be directed to Richard Rieman at or call 720-507-5970.

Video playing on DCMP website with captions, audio description, and a second smaller video player that shows a person using sign language.

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