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Artrageous with Nate - The Importance of Accessible Video

Nate Heck is the creator and host of the Emmy award winning program Artrageous with Nate, which we're proud to bring to our members. Nate creates high-quality, engaging educational videos, and he and his team graciously partnered with DCMP to make them accessible to kids who are blind or deaf. Nate is passionate in his belief that all children have the potential for creativity, and has been called “the Bill Nye of the art world.”

“Creativity is interwoven into every discipline,” says Nate, whose videos are used by teachers in science classrooms as well as in art. “I always tell kids, I want you to watch my show, but then I want you to put the stupid thing down and go make!”

Discover what Nate has to say about Artrageous and the importance of described and captioned media through this short video he made for DCMP. Thanks, Nate!

Tags: description, captioning

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