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La Lleva- Nayarit, Mexico, Let Yourself Be Guided To Conquer Your Fears (Spanish)

26 minutes 3 seconds

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2 girls stand across from each other holding hands in front. Spanish caption. Ana Lucia as narrator. Y con los zancos, pues te tenias que agarrar.

Ana Lucía lives in Zacatecas. She takes jazz and ballet lessons and loves the museums in her city. In San Francisco, Nicté waits for her with a delicious ceviche fish, his juggling friends and many "diabolos" to show her some of the things they do in the circus' technical shop. During this visit, Ana Lucía sees birds from a jungle zone of México and learns to perform stunts with fabrics and stilts. She confronts her fears when she dares to swim with the fish in open water and surfs with her new friend at the beach. With an emotional ceremony, both girls say goodbye by the ocean.

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Runtime: 26 minutes 3 seconds

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