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La Lleva- Malargüe, Argentina, Let Yourself Be Guided By The Steep Mountains (Spanish)

25 minutes 54 seconds

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Teenage girl speaks to camera, a bicycle on its side and buildings behind her. Spanish caption. Cuando escalo me siento feliz porque amo, estoy en una montaña.

Gustavo lives in Oberá, who likes to swim and visits the "Jardín de los Pájaros" in his city. He also practices folkloric dances of European origin and is part of a basketball team. He travels for the first time on a plane to go to Malargüe and visit Keila, who waits for him with her chorus friends and music played by guitars and reed flutes. She teaches him to climb an artificial wall, and later on try what they learned on a rock wall in "Malqui Malal." To finish off the visit, they enjoy a snowboarding trip in "Las Leñas," and they say goodbye knowing that their friendship will last.

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Runtime: 25 minutes 54 seconds

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Señora Alicia is next to Susana the Iguana puppet and green plants. She reaches into a green box sitting on the blue counter in front her, pulling out both blue and red items.
Art and More (Spanish)
Episode 22
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Woman wearing red scarf standing in rocky terrain. Caption. To the company that pays the most.
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Cartoon hands reach up to hold a frame that shows a real image of a boy standing on a tree-lined road facing camera. Spanish caption. Aqui en Cucuta la palabra Toche se utiliza.
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Colombian girl holds a can of spray paint upside down over a painted surface. Spanish caption. No creo que tenga playa y no me imagino nada mas.
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Cartoon hands reach up to hold a frame that shows a real image of a girl standing in a park. Spanish caption. Para mi, molcajete, un remolque.
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2 Colombian boys walk together along a dirt road, talking to each other. Spanish caption. A mi me gusta mucho el futbol.
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Teenage girl speaks to camera, tall buildings along a beach in the distant background. Spanish caption. A las chicas y a mi nos cayo re-bien.
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2 girls stand across from each other holding hands in front. Spanish caption. Ana Lucia as narrator. Y con los zancos, pues te tenias que agarrar.
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