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Let's Pretend

1 minute

(Describer) In a cartoon...

My friend Andrew and I love to play dress up. Today we are jungle explorers. I'll take pictures, Sophie. Right. And I'll drive. Great. Let's go. The jungle is beautiful-- so many plants and vines. That's not a vine. It's a snake. Let's move it.

(Describer) Wearing a pith helmet, Sophie drives a jeep.

(Sophie) Wow! That was close. Hey, check out those birds. I'll stop so you can take a picture.

(Describer) A toucan and macaw perch on a branch.

[camera shutter clicks]

Got it.

(Describer) Jumping on the hood...

Look, Andrew, a monkey. Hello, little friend. We like visiting your jungle home. Good-bye, little friend.

(Describer) It jumps away.

Hey, Sophie? Yes, Andrew? Why are we sinking? Oh, no. We must be in...quicksand! Let's get out of here. That was fun.

(Describer) Sitting in chairs...

Do you want to pretend we're space explorers?

(Describer) Spacesuits appear.

Oh, yeah!

(Describer) KET. Planet Nutshell.

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This animation follows friends Andrew and Sophie as they pretend to be jungle explorers, acting out their adventures. They imagine riding in a jeep and spotting colorful birds, a playful monkey, and a snake. Just as the jeep gets stuck in quicksand, the adventure ends. Andrew and Sophie then decide to be space explorers. The video is designed to encourage dramatic play. Part of the "Art to Heart" series.

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Runtime: 1 minute

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