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Let's Pretend

54 seconds

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This animation follows friends Andrew and Sophie as they pretend to be jungle explorers, acting out their adventures. They imagine riding in a jeep and spotting colorful birds, a playful monkey, and a snake. Just as the jeep gets stuck in quicksand, the adventure ends. Andrew and Sophie then decide to be space explorers. The video is designed to encourage dramatic play. Part of the "Art to Heart" series.

Media Details

Runtime: 54 seconds

Art to Heart
Episode 1
2 minutes
Grade Level: K - 2
Art to Heart
Episode 2
1 minute
Grade Level: Ps - 2
Art to Heart
Episode 3
2 minutes
Grade Level: K - 3
Art to Heart
Episode 4
2 minutes
Grade Level: K - 5
Art to Heart
Episode 5
2 minutes
Grade Level: 2 - 5