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Let's Draw

2 minutes

The kids in my class love to draw. We make pictures of all sorts of things. Our teacher hangs our artwork on the wall. I like to look at my friends' drawings. My best friend Spencer drew this picture. He used crayons to make a blue spaceship with a round window.

There's a man inside. [electronic beeping]

This ship is sitting on green grass,

ready to blast off. [rocket roars]

Rosie drew this picture. I see one, two, three yellow sunflowers with petals that look like triangles. The flowers are growing up towards the sun. This is a drawing of Jackson's dog, Frank.

He is taking a bath. [bubbling]

There are lots of bubbles in the bathtub. Round bubbles are floating in the air too.

Frank is smiling. [barks] arf!

He must like baths. I painted this picture of my friend Kate and me. I painted my brown skin and black hair. My shoes are purple. Kate has pink skin and red hair. I used green paint for her eyes. She is holding a ball because we love to play soccer.

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It is easy for young students to talk about their own artwork, but what about someone else's? In this animation, students take a tour of a classroom gallery as a boy describes various drawings. Part of the "Art to Heart" series.

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Runtime: 2 minutes

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