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Let's Tell a Story

2 minutes

(Describer) In a cartoon...

Let's make up a story together.

(Describer) In a playground...

We can take turns telling it. I'll start. Hammie was a classroom hamster. He loved to crawl through tunnels and run on his wheel. One day, Hammie was gone. His cage was open. He had vanished. Oh, no. Where could Hammie be? Your turn, Meg. Where is he? Hammie was on the loose. He smelled something tasty in a kid's backpack: cheese crackers. He climbed into the backpack to look for them. Your turn, Luke. What happens next?

(Luke) Hammie was munching on cheese and crackers when he felt the backpack move. The zipper shut. Someone was picking up the backpack. Now Hammie was on his way to their house. He sat in the bottom of the backpack and waited. Now it's your turn.

(Describer) KET. Planet Nutshell.

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Hammie is a classroom hamster that finds new opportunity when his cage door is left open. Hammie does some exploring around the classroom and ultimately sneaks into a backpack looking for food. Three different children tell the story adding new parts and passing the story to another friend. When Hammie is in the backpack, the viewer is asked to tell what happens next. Part of the "Art to Heart" series.

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Runtime: 2 minutes

Art to Heart
Episode 1
2 minutes
Grade Level: K - 2
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