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Resources for School Personnel, Families, Students, and Content Creators

DCMP provides a streaming library of accessible education videos, teaching tools, and professional development opportunities. We partner with educational content creators to provide high-quality captioning, audio description, and American Sign Language (ASL) translation.

Families and school personnel who have at least one early learner-Grade 12 child with a disability qualify for free DCMP membership. Educational professionals in training also qualify.

Professional development opportunities are available to members, and many eLearning resources are available to everyone.

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Media Center

Accessible Educational Videos and Teaching Tools

DCMP has thousands of educational videos with high-quality captions, audio description, and ASL that are aligned to state and Common Core standards. Teachers can create lessons, quizzes, and clips of DCMP videos and assign them to Student Accounts.

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Create and Manage Student Accounts and Classes

K-12 students under 18 years of age are currently not eligible for their own DCMP membership. However, adult members can create Student Accounts for them.

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Create Clips, Lessons, and Quizzes

Clips and Lessons allow you to create clips from DCMP videos, and then use those clips as stand-alone videos or as part of a Lesson. A Lesson can include clips, full videos, quizzes, text, and user-submitted files.

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DCMP offers self-paced modules, online workshops, and facilitated QuickClasses. All are free of charge to members.

Professional Development and Continuing Education

Continuing Education Credits

Select trainings are approved for RID, CEUs, and ACVREP credit.

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Courses for Professionals and Students

DCMP’s professional courses offer training on use of accessible media in the classroom, educational interpreting, captioning and describing video, and other courses.

Courses for students include peer note taking, transition prep during high school, and learning the essentials about audio description.

We Make Content Accessible

We partner with top educational content creators to help make their productions accessible and available to children with disabilities. Learn how we can help with your educational and broadcast content.

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Watch thousands of titles with high-quality captions, audio description, and ASL.

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