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2 men move a section of kitchen counter into place next to a stove. Caption. So that we can reinstall them in the new laundry room.
19 minutes 52 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Illustration of several monkeys hanging from vines. Caption: Monkeys live in big family groups.
10 minutes 9 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3
Closeup of a man inspecting a sheet of vinyl siding. Caption. Pretty much like any other vinyl siding installation.
19 minutes 58 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Wide shot of the Ohio Delta river snaking through dry land. Caption. To the sediment that continues to build The Delta.
25 minutes 15 seconds
Grade Level: 4 - 8
Interior framing of the attic area in a building showing horizontal and vertical beams. Caption. It's load-bearing because it's carrying a lot of weight.
20 minutes 12 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Landscape photo of a white sandy beach with dense ferns and dark rock, teal-colored ocean stretching out to the horizon. Caption. The Yucatan is also where you will find.
20 minutes 42 seconds
Grade Level: 3 - 8
Wild, green grass meadow surrounded by trees with river in the distance. Caption. West Virginia entered the Union as the 35th state in 1863.
24 minutes
Grade Level: 3 - 9
2 story white house with veranda facing a green lawn. 2 figures are on steps leading to veranda. Caption. Only 640,000 people call North Dakota home.
24 minutes 19 seconds
Grade Level: 5 - 10
Wide shot of fishing boats on the Mississippi River. Caption. Harvest nearly half of all oysters.
24 minutes 32 seconds
Grade Level: 3 - 9
Wide shot of a calm lake surrounded by mountains near and far. Caption. Lake Coeur d'Alene is popular.
25 minutes 11 seconds
Grade Level: 3 - 9
Closeup of 2 women in the midst of a group. 1 wears a woven hat and turns away from camera while the other furrows her brow with concern in the background. Caption. Sometimes Giovanni organizes a trek with his association.
Sites for Your Eyes
Episode 6
24 minutes 34 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 9
Two people walking on a paved path through a park. Caption: will decide to build a new park
14 minutes 32 seconds
Grade Level: 2 - 5
Aerial view of a populated island surrounded by bluish green water. Caption: Nouméa is the island's only real city
Sites for Your Eyes
Episode 9
27 minutes 34 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12
Frame of building with weathered, decaying wood siding. Caption. Connecticut was an early center for making consumer goods.
22 minutes 36 seconds
Grade Level: 3 - 9
Drawing of a human torso and head with a cross section of the chest removed to show the human heart and lungs. Caption: It has been seen as the site of our emotions,
48 minutes 56 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Man points to a wall showing the interior framing of a home under construction. Caption. We'll have a stove and range top in this section.
19 minutes 44 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
3 Saudi royal men stand in front of tanks. Two other Saudi men sit atop tanks. Caption. Osama was at odds with the Saudi royals.
16 minutes 31 seconds
Grade Level: 6 - 12