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President Obama at a press briefing, standing in the hallway of the White House before a microphone and podium. Caption. The United States launched a targeted operation.
46 minutes 30 seconds
Grade Level: 9 - 12
2 men lean over to look at the side of a house, rolling stain onto a small section of the brick siding. Caption. To provide that color, you put a stain over the surface.
19 minutes 59 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Man holding up a hammer touches the other hand to a paint can. Caption. Is to take a small nail and knock a few holes.
20 minutes 5 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Movable bridge opens as boats pass below on a river surrounded by skyscrapers. Caption. They have to open the bridges to let the boats through.
18 minutes 13 seconds
Grade Level: 2 - 5
Rocky island covered in greenery is surrounded by deep blue water. Title card reads, "Puglia, Italy."
Sites for Your Eyes
Episode 8
24 minutes 51 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12
Closeup side view of a senior man looking down in front of a body of water. Caption. They have everything they need for their salute.
Sites for Your Eyes
Episode 7
28 minutes 7 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12
Teenage girl stands in front of an office desk occupied by a woman wearing headphones. Caption. But one rude word could blow your chances.
13 minutes 26 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Glowing lava as seen from above. Caption: Where exactly magma exits and turns into solid basalt
53 minutes 18 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Aerial shot of a man attaching roofing material to a home. Caption. All the way up to the edge.
20 minutes 1 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Choppy ocean with waves blowing back in the wind on a stormy day. Caption. And unforgiving North Atlantic Ocean.
30 minutes 16 seconds
Grade Level: 6 - 12
Man standing on plywood platform on top of a house roof. Caption. And the roofing contractor completed the installation.
20 minutes 9 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
2 men in colorful shorts wrestle on the beach. Caption. Male as narrator. Be sure of your hold.
Sites for Your Eyes
Episode 2
22 minutes 27 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12
Man uses a hammer and nails to attach siding to drywall, slightly overlapping the plank below. Caption. And the next piece of siding is lapped over it.
20 minutes 6 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Painting of 1800s frontiersmen shooting at Native Americans. Caption. He then, successfully, led his warriors.
21 minutes 12 seconds
Grade Level: 6 - 9
Sandbank and land with ocean in foreground. Caption. Is a strip of islands called the Outer Banks.
24 minutes 38 seconds
Grade Level: 3 - 9
Physical map of the United States with the 4 Southwest states enlarged and in colors of blue, green, red and orange. Caption. Southwest Region. In the south central portion of the continent.
23 minutes 26 seconds
Grade Level: 3 - 9
Closeup of a man with short blonde hair wearing a gray pinstripe suit talking in front of a blurred background. Caption. And relations between the colony and the Indians.
Pocahontas and the Survival of Jamestown
Episode 2
25 minutes 3 seconds
Grade Level: 11 - 12
Thermometer in a beaker of boiling yellow fluid. Caption: But margarine boils at 120 degrees Celsius.
17 minutes 5 seconds
Grade Level: 5 - 8
Girl holds a stuffed animal and faces a man who reaches toward her with 1 hand. A body of water surrounded by trees fills the background. Caption. And getting there is like a mini cruise.
Sites for Your Eyes
Episode 1
25 minutes 41 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12