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From Silence to Sound

48 minutes 3 seconds

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In the United States, more than 20 million people are either deaf or hard of hearing. Justin Garrett is among them. At age 27, he takes a chance on a risky surgery in hopes of hearing for the first time in his life.

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Runtime: 48 minutes 3 seconds

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Diagram of the human ear. Outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. In the middle ear there are three small bones that bridge the gap between the outer and inner ear. Caption: The eardrum sets up vibrations on the three little bones
15 minutes 4 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12
Closeup of hands with fingers touching bristles of a very small sitting on a white surface scattered with objects. Spanish caption. Este es una brocha que usamos para limpiar.
Signing Fiesta (Spanish)
Episode 4
28 minutes 35 seconds
Grade Level: All -