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The Adventures of Willie Skunk

10 minutes 24 seconds

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Silent films had been used prior to 1930 in classrooms with students who were deaf or hard of hearing, but the advent of sound motion pictures made new films inaccessible. One of the first educational films ever captioned (1962), this primary-level film shows a family of skunks and how they live in their natural environment. A lesson guide was written for it (PDF: and 70 other captioned educational films in 1968 at a DePaul University workshop, and these were printed in a bound volume for distribution across the United States. The Captioned Films for the Deaf catalog described this title as follows: "The amusing story of mother skunk and her five babies, featuring Willie Skunk, the baby who always seems to get into difficult situations. Narration written by Munro Leaf."

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Runtime: 10 minutes 24 seconds

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