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Rockets: How They Work

15 minutes 24 seconds

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In 1962 Congress amended previous legislation authorizing the captioning of entertainment films by passing Public Law 87-715 (see, which added the captioning of educational films. That same year, "Rockets: How They Work" became the first educational film to be captioned. Indicating that the film was appropriate for the middle grades, the Captioned Films for the Deaf catalog described it as follows: "The film shows how rockets achieve motion and compares rocket power with other types of motive power and gives a clear picture of the basic scientific techniques on which the modern use of rockets is based." A lesson guide for the film ( was written by Malcolm Norwood, then the Captioned Films for the Deaf Program Specialist, and Mary S. LaRue from Gallaudet.

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Runtime: 15 minutes 24 seconds

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