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The Characteristics of Effective Learning: An Overview

10 minutes 37 seconds

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Closeup of a newborn baby looking up with wide eyes as a hand supports its neck. Text reads, "Characteristics of Effective Learning. Created by Siren Films with Birth to Five Matters."

This program offers an overview of the characteristics of effective learning throughout childhood. Viewers learn how newborns are natural learners as they develop and learn with all their senses. Experts also discuss how older children begin to plan their approaches to problem-solving and are increasingly able to monitor their efforts, to alter their plans when needed, to discard ideas that didn’t work, and to review how well things went.

Media Details

Runtime: 10 minutes 37 seconds

Against a blue background, we see text that reads, “Active Learning. How Children Can Learn. The Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning.”
22 minutes 31 seconds
Grade Level: PT/TT -
Group of children seated cross-legged on the floor, looking in the same direction. Caption. And continue to make literacy important to us.
32 minutes
Grade Level: PT/TT -
Closeup of a child drawing with marker on a sheet of paper. Caption. Giving outlets for expressing their feelings.
22 minutes 33 seconds
Grade Level: PT/TT -
Child smiles and looks out in a classroom setting. Caption. Narrator. Rapid physical growth marks this stage of development.
19 minutes 34 seconds
Grade Level: PT/TT -
Title text reads, “How Children Can Learn Creating and Thinking Critically. The Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning," against a green and pink background.
25 minutes 47 seconds
Grade Level: PT/TT -
Woman is signing in front of a red screen with the word, brave, written in white next to her.
4 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 4
Orange text in a playful font on a purple background reads, "How to Catch a Turkey." Turkey is in pale yellow letters with a dark orange outline. Illustrations of a cupcake and carrot are visible in the blurred background.
How to Catch
Episode 1
8 minutes 41 seconds
Grade Level: 3 - 6
Woman signs in front of a storybook illustration of scruffy dog licking a boy while other animals look on. Story text appears on screen.
6 minutes
Grade Level: Ps - 4
Woman leans over to help a child adjust a magnifying glass. Another woman and child stand by. Spanish caption. Una de las cosas más importantes.
22 minutes 15 seconds
Grade Level: PT/TT -
Illustration of a red safari vehicle with 2 people in it approaching a gray tree. A yellow and black toucan and a colorful parrot sit on a branch of the tree looking at the approaching vehicle.
Art to Heart
Episode 2
54 seconds
Grade Level: Ps - 2