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Clash of the Gods: Hades

45 minutes 7 seconds

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Still image from Clash of the Gods: Hades

Hades is the most feared of the Ancient Greek pantheon. His myths were used to explain what happens to humans after death. But what is the truth behind these stories? Part of the "Clash of the Gods" series. Please note this title contains mature themes.

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Runtime: 45 minutes 7 seconds

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Black and white closeup of a man with white, glowing eyes and a white beard and mustache.
Clash of the Gods
Episode 3
45 minutes 7 seconds
Grade Level: 9 - 12
Man with open eyes and gritted teeth wears a leather forehead band, an animal fur around his shoulders, and a leather tunic. He holds an instrument that shoots bolts of lightning while standing on a wooden boat. A snowy landscape is behind him.
Clash of the Gods
Episode 10
45 minutes 14 seconds
Grade Level: 9 - 12