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Meet a Geophysicist: Danielle Sumy

2 minutes 53 seconds

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When she was young, Danielle Sumy rode a roller coaster that simulated an earthquake. Her experience on the roller coaster launched her quest to understand how earthquakes happen. She describes how this encounter and her early love of science motivated her to become a geophysicist. Part of the “EarthScope Chronicles” series.

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Runtime: 2 minutes 53 seconds

Ship with industrial equipment and a crane lowering something into the water. Caption: There are two seismometers named after me
EarthScope Chronicles
Season 0 / Ep 1
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Grade Level: 6 - 12
Photograph of Charles Richter. Caption: who was the first to make measurements of ground motion
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Aerial view of a wide canyon cut through reddish-brown rock. Caption: When you live there, when you're from there,
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4 minutes 41 seconds
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3D computer model showing structures with elevation information. Range is from 3 to -3km Caption: We also use physics to study deep inside the earth.
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