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"YouTube Ready" Qualification Has Ended

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The Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) advocates for media accessibility and provides quality standards for captioning. In 2010, DCMP partnered with YouTube to increase awareness and improve the quality of captioning on YouTube. "YouTube Ready" captioning vendors were evaluated by the DCMP, passed a review of their YouTube captioning capability, and were qualified as "YouTube Ready" captioners.

"YouTube Ready" qualification has ended and is no longer active. No additional "YouTube Ready" evaluations will be performed by the DCMP and the effort is no longer supported by YouTube.

Active Resources

Captioners and describers may have their companies added to DCMP's listings of Captioning Service Providers and Description Service Providers.

Businesses, schools, and individuals who wish to learn how to add captions to their productions can visit DCMP's Caption It Yourself for help with guidelines, software, procedures, and other resources.

YouTube provides instructions for adding closed captions to YouTube videos in this help article.

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