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Description Service Vendors

This listing was prepared from information provided by various description-related sources and from surveys conducted by the DCMP. While the DCMP has attempted to identify all service vendors, it apologizes for any omissions. As additional service vendors are identified, they will be included in this list. Listing of a service vendor does not constitute an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Education, the National Association of the Deaf, or the DCMP.

Costs for description (sometimes called "audio description" or "video description") vary according to the length of a program, the nature of the desired service, the format, and other technical processes.

To add your company to this listing, please go to DCMP's Description Key and fill out this request form.

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Vendors in the United States

3Play Media

34 Farnsworth Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02210
VOICE 617-764-5189
E-MAIL info@3playmedia.com
WEB www.3playmedia.com


P.O. Drawer 160
242 James Street
Clayton, NY 13624
VOICE 800-263-2750
FAX 800-563-1687
E-MAIL Deborah Webster info@access-usa.com
WEB www.access-usa.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Alice S Austin

138 Leach Road
Eliot, ME 03903
VOICE 617-513-5373
E-MAIL Alice Austin dxer11@comcast.net

AMAC Accessibility Solutions
Georgia Institute of Technology

512 Means St. Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30318
VOICE 404-894-8000
FAX 404-894-8323
E-MAIL caps@amac.gatech.edu
WEB www.amacusg.org/

Audio Description Associates

6502 Westmoreland Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912
VOICE 301-920-0218
FAX 208-445-0079
E-MAIL Joel Snyder jsnyder@audiodescribe.com
WEB www.audiodescribe.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Audio Description Solutions

110 Lincoln Way West
New Oxford, PA 17350-1314
VOICE 717-624-8496
FAX 717-624-4490
E-MAIL William Patterson billpatterson@audiodescriptionsolutions.com
WEB www.audiodescriptionsolutions.com

Audio Eyes

9250 Reseda Boulevard, #107
Northridge, CA 20912
VOICE 818-678-0880
E-MAIL Rick Boggs sales@audioeyesllc.com
WEB www.audioeyes.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages


1503 Alta Glen Drive
San Jose, CA 95125
VOICE 408-265-2203
E-MAIL Margaret Hardy katiemags@aol.com
WEB www.audiovision.org

Bridge Multimedia

49 West 27th Street, Eighth Floor
New York, NY 10001
VOICE 212-213-3740
FAX 212-213-9715
E-MAIL Matthew Kaplowitz mkaplowitz@bridgemultimedia.com
WEB www.bridgemultimedia.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Caption Media Group

400 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy
Suite 200-C
Sunrise, FL 33325
VOICE 754-300-1800
FAX 754-300-1802
E-MAIL info@cmgusa.net
LANGUAGE Multiple languages


2438 27th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406
VOICE 612-341-3566
FAX 612-341-2345
E-MAIL Donna Horn donna@captionmax.com
WEB www.captionmax.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Close Captioning Services

4450 Lakeside Drive, Suite 350
Burbank, CA 91505
VOICE 818-848-8826
FAX 818-848-2023
WEB www.ccscaption.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Communiqué InterActive Solutions

8214 Lighthouse Lane
King George, VA 22485
VOICE 540-775-7742
FAX 540-775-0709
E-MAIL Marguerite Bardone cis@text2u.com
WEB www.text2u.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Descriptive Video Works

4427 Ben Avenue, Studio City
Los Angeles, CA 91607
VOICE 888-998-9894
E-MAIL Mhairi Morrison mhairi@descriptivevideoworks.com
WEB www.descriptivevideoworks.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages


900 Fox Valley Drive, Suite 204
Longwood, FL  32779
VOICE 407-389-0712
FAX 407-682-1997
E-MAIL Maria Diaz info@dicapta.com
WEB www.dicapta.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

DP Captioning & Multimedia Solutions

4362 West South Jordan Parkway
South Jordan, UT 84095
VOICE 435-512-5210
FAX 801-254-1720
E-MAIL Debbie P. Risk drisk@dpcaptioning.com
WEB www.dpcaptioning.com

Erin deWard

102 Hudson Avenue
Nyack, NY 10960
VOICE 845-406-2294
E-MAIL Erin deWard dewardtsakos@yahoo.com

Eye Describe

P.O. Box 83813
Portland, OR  97283-0813
VOICE 503-247-8214
VOICE 503-729-1040
E-MAIL Victoria Morgan eyedescribe@gmail.com

GlobalVision International, Inc.

276 Turnpike Rd.
Westborough, MA 01581
VOICE 508-616-6660
FAX 508-355-0708
E-MAIL sales@globalvis.com
WEB www.globalvis.com
LANGUAGE 200+ plus languages supported

JR Media Services

2501 West Burbank Boulevard, Suite 200
Burbank, CA 91505
VOICE 818-557-0200
E-MAIL Rob Troy info@jrmediaservices.com
WEB www.jrmediaservices.com

The Media Access Group/WGBH Educational Foundation

10 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135
VOICE 617-300-3600
FAX 617-300-1020
E-MAIL Kathy Kersey kathy_kersey@wgbh.org
WEB http://main.wgbh.org/wgbh/pages/mag/
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Mind’s Eye Audio Productions

1327 East Wilson Street
Madison, WI 53703
VOICE 608-438-4178
E-MAIL Kelly Warren kelly@mindseyeaudio.com
WEB www.mindseyeaudio.com

Narrative Television Network

5840 South Memorial Drive, Suite 312
Tulsa, OK 74145-9082 
VOICE 800-801-8184
VOICE 918-627-1000
FAX 918-627-4101
E-MAIL Jim Stovall jim@narrativetv.com; info@narrativetv.com
WEB www.narrativetv.com

National Captioning Institute

3725 Concorde Parkway, Suite 100
Chantilly, VA  20151
VOICE/TTY 703-917-7619
FAX 703-917-9853
E-MAIL Juan Mario Agudelo jagudelo@ncicap.org
WEB www.ncicap.org

ProMotion Arts

2200 6th Avenue, Suite 425
Seattle, WA 98121
VOICE 206-938-0348
FAX 206-938-0475
E-MAIL Stephen B. Crandall steve@promotionarts.com
WEB www.promotionarts.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Strada Communications, Inc.

605 Main St. Suite 4727
Vancouver, WA 98660
VOICE 360-573-5464
E-MAIL audiodescription@stradagize.com
WEB www.stradagize.com

Valerie H Productions

P.O. Box 92
Kingsville, OH 44048
VOICE 647-706-1122
E-MAIL description@valerie-h.com
WEB www.valerie-h.com

Video Caption Corporation

88 Hunns Lake Road
Stanfordville, NY 12581
VOICE 800-705-1203
FAX 800-705-1207
E-MAIL Constance Carlson ccarlson@vicaps.com
WEB www.vicaps.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages


101 Hillpointe Drive
Canonsburg, PA 15317
VOICE 800-278-4822
FAX 724-514-4095
E-MAIL Heather York heather-y@vitac.com
WEB www.vitac.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages


3989 E. Arapahoe Road, Suite 204
Centennial, CO 80122
VOICE 720-482-4012
E-MAIL sales@vzpdigital.com
WEB www.vzpdigital.com
LANGUAGE English, Spanish

Vendors Outside the United States

Broadcast Captioning & Consulting Service

150 Laird Drive, # 302
Toronto, ON  M4G 3V7
PHONE 416-696-1534
PHONE 800-296-6837
FAX 416-421-7603
E-MAIL info@closedcaptioning.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Captioning Studio

PO Box 139
Rundle Mall, SA 5000
VOICE +61 (8) 8463 1639
E-MAIL adelaide@captioningstudio.com
WEB www.thecaptioningstudio.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Descriptive Video Works

100-68 East 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5T 1B1
VOICE 888-998-9894
E-MAIL info@descriptiveworks.com
WEB www.descriptivevideoworks.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Media Concierge

401 Logan Ave. Suite 206B
Toronto, Ontario M4M 2P2
VOICE 416-778-5500
VOICE 647-994-3003
E-MAIL Trevor Tyre trevor@themediaconcierge.com
WEB www.themediaconcierge.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Mixwerk Studios

Paul-Robeson-Str. 10
10439 Berlin
VOICE +49 (30) 4881595-3
E-MAIL engel@mixwerk.de
WEB www.mixwerk.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

National Council for the Blind of Ireland

Whitworth Road
Drumcondra, Dublin 9
VOICE +353 (1) 830 7033
E-MAIL info@ncbi.ie
WEB www.ncbi.ie
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Premier Captioning & Realtime

(Main Office)
1st Floor, Astron Building
Charvey Lane
Rathnew, Wicklow
VOICE +353 404 64355
FAX +353 404 64354
E-MAIL Michelle Coffey michele@pcr.ie
WEB www.pcr.ie
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Red Bee Media

5-11 Mentmore Avenue
Rosebery, NSW 2018
VOICE +61 (0) 292 125 277
E-MAIL Daniel Littlepage daniel.littlepage@redbeemedia.com.au
WEB www.redbeemedia.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages


340 Gerrard Street East
Toronto, Ontario M5A 2G7
VOICE 416-921-4166
E-MAIL John Hauber john@resight.ca
WEB www.resight.ca
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

SETTE Postproduction

1500 Avenue Papineau
Suite 100
Montreal, QC H2K 4L9
VOICE 514-525-1245
FAX 514-525-1186
E-MAIL info@sette.com
WEB www.sette.com
LANGUAGE French & English


C/Fernando Guanarteme, 12
35010 Santa Brigida
Las Palmas
VOICE +34 928 352 803
E-MAIL info@subbabel.com
WEB www.subbabel.com
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

The Substation

Ground Floor
99 Stanley Street
East Sydney, NSW 2010
VOICE +61 (2) 9467 3231
E-MAIL Linda Baker linda.baker@thesubstation.com.au
WEB www.thesubstation.com.au
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

Valerie H Productions

798 Richmond Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 3P3
E-MAIL descriptionto@gmail.com
WEB www.valerie-h.com

Vision Australia

4 Mitchell Street
Enfield NSW 2136
VOICE +61 1300 84 74 66
FAX +61 (02) 9747 5993
E-MAIL info@visionaustralia.org
WEB www.visionaustralia.org
LANGUAGE Multiple languages

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