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Bringing Video Description into the 21st Century Webinar

This an archive video of the Video Description Research and Development Center webinar #1 - Bringing Video Description Into The 21st Century. The webinar occurred January 24, 2012. Topics in this webinar include: (1) A teachers' guide to using video description; (2) A comprehensive overview of resources for obtaining described materials; and (3) A sneak peak at the description technologies of the future being developed at the VDRDC. Presenters included Dr. Joshua Miele, Director of the VDRDC; Jim Stovall, President of Narrative TV Network; Jason Stark, Director of the Described and Captioned Media Program; Joel Snyder, Director of the Audio Description Project at the American Council of the Blind; and Emily Bell, Multimedia Manager at CaptionMax.

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Tags: description, educators, technology, webinar

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