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Image for Visual Learning Systems

Visual Learning Systems

A person playing the piano. Spanish captions.
10 minutes
Grade Level: K - 3
Trees with partially bare branches and yellow and brown leaves. Caption: In fall, the days continue to get shorter.
10 minutes 57 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3
A close up of an imprint in the shape of a shell left in the rock. Caption: An imprint of the organism is left in the rock.
10 minutes 30 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3
White birds with long legs stand next to a body of water surrounded by trees. Spanish captions.
10 minutes 31 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3
People riding on a wagon pulled by two horses. Caption: Two horses add more force or pull the wagon.
20 minutes 9 seconds
Grade Level: 6 - 9
Open aluminum can. Caption: This is because gas is rushing from an area of high pressure
14 minutes 58 seconds
Grade Level: 5 - 8
Aerial view of destroyed house and fallen trees. Caption: These can cause catastrophic damage as well.
22 minutes 40 seconds
Grade Level: 6 - 9
Turbulent water moving from an area of higher elevation to lower elevation. Caption: This is due to the fact that water continually cycles
20 minutes 44 seconds
Grade Level: 5 - 10
Gentle waterfall. Spanish captions.
9 minutes 36 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3
Flower, Lamb, and mushroom. Spanish captions.
10 minutes 26 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3
Still image from: Healthy Habits
11 minutes 11 seconds
Grade Level: 2 - 6
Thermometer in a beaker of water reading almost 100 degrees. Spanish captions.
15 minutes 12 seconds
Grade Level: 3 - 5
Thin tubular object protruding from a machine casing descends perpendicular to a piece of wood laying horizontally below it. Caption: That's right; he's using a power tool called a drill.
10 minutes 10 seconds
Grade Level: 2 - 5
Large pinecone being measured with a ruler. Spanish captions.
10 minutes 30 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3
Dirt being poured out of a dump truck. Spanish captions.
10 minutes 13 seconds
Grade Level: K - 2
Closeup of fingers picking up a sliver of grayish rock. Caption: Gabbro is formed from the cooling of magma.
20 minutes 50 seconds
Grade Level: 6 - 8
A manmade dam. Spanish captions.
11 minutes 2 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3
Yellow and black butterfly on a honeysuckle plant. Spanish captions.
9 minutes 50 seconds
Grade Level: K - 3
Person with a blue cylindrical container in their hands. Caption: can also be released as a result of chemical reactions.
16 minutes 15 seconds
Grade Level: 5 - 8
A herd of cattle, some adult, some baby, all with tags in their ears. Caption: The mother of this calf also has brown fur.
10 minutes
Grade Level: 5 - 8