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Healthy Habits

11 minutes 11 seconds

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Students learn some of the fundamental habits for maintaining a healthy body. Everyday examples of healthy habits teach students how they can prevent sickness and other health problems. Special emphasis is placed on life-long hygiene practices. Concepts and terminology discussed include: disease, sickness, hand-washing, germs, teeth brushing, sleep, nutrition, and annual physical.

Media Details

Runtime: 11 minutes 11 seconds

Closeup of a young woman's face as she speaks, looking slightly off camera. Caption. To keep your skin healthy, clean, and prevent the acne.
16 minutes 3 seconds
Grade Level: 4 - 8
2 women; 1 works with colorful paper on a table top as the other watches, an iron on an ironing board nearby.
Creative Living With Sheryl Borden
Season 65 / Ep 11
26 minutes 51 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12
Closeup of a woman standing. She wears a purple apron over a red shirt while she turns her head sideways, mid-speech, gesturing with open palms facing her body.
Creative Living With Sheryl Borden
Season 65 / Ep 20
26 minutes 51 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12
2 women sit at a circular table; 1 in mid speech. Table has a cluster of yellow fruit, pomegranate and ginger, bottles and jars in varying heights and widths, bottle of water, and a white product box.
Creative Living With Sheryl Borden
Season 66 / Ep 3
26 minutes 49 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12
Woman wearing a red and white jersey speaks into a microphone looking off camera like she is being interviewed for a news story. Behind her, houses are decorated with illuminated Christmas lights.
Curiosity Quest
Season 6 / Ep 4
24 minutes 51 seconds
Grade Level: 3 - 6
Man faces camera and gestures in sign language, crossing both hands over each other in an X shape. Caption. What about grooming?
13 minutes 27 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Boy with blond hair looks down and wipes his cheek with a red cloth. A red and yellow cartoon T, V frames the video. Music note icon indicates music is playing.
Life Skills: I Can Do It
Episode 1
28 minutes 46 seconds
Grade Level: Ps - 3