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Coping With An Emotional Crisis (Spanish)

25 minutes

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Still image from Coping With An Emotional Crisis (Spanish)

Divorce, natural disasters, death of a loved one, terrorism, depression, navigating a difficult home life-these and other crises have a profound impact on the mental and physical health of young teens and create emotional trauma most are not equipped to deal with. Features poignant interviews with real teens who share their experiences with emotional crises: Brianna, 15, leaves her friends and school in New Orleans after a devastating flood destroys the city; Cedric, 14, still deals with the fears created from believing his mother perished in the World Trade Center attacks; Alex, 12, has to deal with the sudden death of his stepfather in an airplane crash; Christiana, 13, still wonders if she's responsible for her parents' divorce. Clinical physiologist Dr. Robin Goodman comments on these and other experiences, using them to illustrate the different types of crises typical of middle school students, the stages of a crisis, and the resources and strategies that can help them move past the crisis.

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Runtime: 25 minutes

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