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Coaching Safety

17 minutes 13 seconds

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Teenagers in jerseys play soccer on a field. Caption. At the end of practice, cool down with some walking.

Gives safety tips for youth coaches. Shows how to create a safe environment that will help prevent injuries. Demonstrates how to administer basic first aid for common minor injuries. Provides an emergency plan for handling serious injury. Covers how basic training and conditioning can prevent injury and improve performance.

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Runtime: 17 minutes 13 seconds

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Senior man and middle-aged woman sit a table looking down at lures hooked into a pig's foot. Caption. Now, what would you do after this is pulled out?
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Two people sit on a couch. One is putting on a gas mask. Caption: Gas masks are made to fit small, medium, and large faces.
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Fallen, helmeted cyclist on the ground with arm above head. Text on image, "Check response". Caption. To determine whether the casualty is conscious.
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Woman hugs a small child to her chest, closing her eyes. Caption. That's why it's important for you to watch her for signs.
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Refrigerator with a few photos and list of emergency contact numbers. Caption. But many of us just never get around to writing one up.
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Black background with blurred light spots. Text on image reads, "Preventing Accidental Drug Overdoses."
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Still image from: SciShow Kids: Be Prepared for Anything--Emergency Kit for Kids
SciShow Kids
Season 2018 / Ep 36
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Still image from: SciShow Kids: What Happens if You Get a Splinter?
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Season 2017 / Ep 50
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2 teenage girls sit on a carpeted floor. 1 girl in a tee-shirt with a red cross sits on her heels holding a folded white cloth in her lap. She speaks to the other girl sitting with 1 leg long and the other bent who appears to be injured.
Teen Kids News
Episode 1334
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2 teenage girls are seated inside on a carpeted floor; 1 has her leg resting on a backpack as if she has been injured, the other wears a tee-shirt with a red cross and places an ice pack on her leg. A third girl sits cross legged, observing.
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Episode 1503
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