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Bengal Tigers

23 minutes 32 seconds

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Close up of an orange, white, and black tiger laying down. Caption: (narrator) This is charger, Brabaricha's dad --

Anthony Marr champions the cause of the endangered Bengal tiger, focusing on 40 tigers at an Indian national park. From 100,000 animals in 1900 to less than 5,000 today, the tigers face extinction from lack of space, poachers, desire for folk medicine, apathy, and ignorance. Shows tigers hunting, eating, resting, and with new cubs. Photography supports facts about this most exotic and revered predator. NOTE: One brief mating scene.

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Runtime: 23 minutes 32 seconds

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  • Tiny default profile photo
    Alice B. (Slidell, LA)
    March 19th, 2019 at 11:37 PM

    The students were captivated with this movie.