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Autism With Lola: Playing With Bourbon Badger

6 minutes 9 seconds

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Color illustration in a picture book. Cup of pastel crayons spills on left while young animals dressed in children's clothes play with a ball, swing on a swing, or dressup in firefighting hat.

Lola Rabbit is just like other little rabbits, but she sees the world differently. Lola is autistic. This means that sometimes Lola becomes afraid and upset when she hears loud noises, and Lola’s classmates don’t understand her behaviors. But then Bourbon Badger shows her kindness that she has never felt before. Is this the start of a new friendship? Will her new friend show the rest of the class that being different is OK? And will his kindness help Little Lola to smile again? Based on the children's book by Jodie Islitt.

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Runtime: 6 minutes 9 seconds

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