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Civil War Combat: The Battle of Fredericksburg

43 minutes 48 seconds

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Still image from Civil War Combat: The Battle of Fredericksburg

On December 13, 1862, Union General Ambrose Burnside mounted a massive but futile frontal assault on Confederate troops outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia. This became one of the Union Army's worst defeats. Part of the "Civil War Combat" series. Please note this title contains reenactments of battles and images from battles including corpses. Additionally, topics in this title pertain to the American Civil War and may contain references, phrases, images, or other notions of a sensitive nature.

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Runtime: 43 minutes 48 seconds

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Battle map shows individual red rectangles for Confederate troops on 1 side of the Rappahannock River, and stacked green rectangles for Union troops labeled "Sumner", "Hooker" and "Franklin" on the other side. A blue arrow points from Sumner across the river, through Fredericksburg, and towards the Confederate troops.
Civil War Combat
Episode 1
43 minutes 48 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Batte map shows 5 red rectangles labeled "Lee" on the west bank of the Rappahannock River near Fredericksburg and 3 blue rectangles labeled "Hooker" on the east bank. The Rapidian River branches off from Rappahannock to the northwest, with 3 blue rectangles sitting on the west bank and 1 blue rectangle on the east bank and close to Chancellorsville.
Civil War Combat
Episode 2
43 minutes 50 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12