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Domains and Ports That Must Be Accessible to Use DCMP


In order to use DCMP services within your school's network, your browser needs to be able to access a number of required domains and ports. If you are having problems with playing DCMP media, please send this page to your IT department at your school or district and request these domains be allowed through your firewall. If you cannot access domains listed below, you will experience issues using DCMP services. All services communicate over ports 80 and 443. If you have additional questions please contact us at

If you would like to recieve email updates about DCMP system status, technical improvements, new features, and updates to this allow-list, please subscribe to our System Admin mailing list:

Domains (ports 80 and 443) Purpose
* DCMP websites, analytics, interactive transcript, ASL video assets
* DCMP Short URLs Video thumbnails images, PDFs, various images
* Brightcove players
* Brightcove web sites Social sharing, shortened video URLs
* Brightcove APIs for Studio and players
* Source for some streaming media Source for Brightcove players Source for some HLS video Source for some video progressive downloads
* Dynamic Delivery
* Google Analytics
* Google Analytics Source for video renditions and assets
* Additional players and analytics
* Source for video renditions and assets
* Source for video renditions and assets
* Source for video renditions and assets
* Source for video renditions and assets
* Upload module and Dynamic Ingest Ajax website components
* Delivery of media assets TokenAuth support for HLS, HLSe, and DASH Used by Brightcove player to play videos on some versions of IE
* Used to deliver Gallery images
* Published Gallery portals
* Dynamic video delivery
* Delivery URL

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