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Described and Captioned Media Program Low Vision Brochure

You can download and print this low vision brochure that provides an overview of the Described and Captioned Media Program's services.

This printable design has been created for people with low vision. It is intended for two-sided printing on 11"x17" paper. Capabilities of home and office printers will vary. Persons may also contact the DCMP and request that copies be mailed. NOTE: Those desiring a document with no color or graphics should refer to the "DCMP Large Print Brochure."

The DCMP provides services to benefit students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind. Available to schools and families are a free-loan library of described and captioned videos and information related to classroom accessibility.

Described and Captioned Media Program Low Vision Brochure

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