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Equal Access in the Classroom

Every student deserves equal access to learning opportunities.

The Described and Captioned Media Program focuses on those classrooms having students with broad differences in their ability to see and hear. Description and captioning make educational media accessible to these students.

This production

Equal Access in the Classroom (EAIC) was produced by Television Services at Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama.

How do I get a copy of EAIC?


Order Equal Access in the Classroom from JSU

EAIC is also available on DVD. Registered DCMP members may borrow a copy of EAIC through the DCMP’s free-loan service. (Non-DCMP members can e-mail us with their name and mailing address to request a free copy.) Please note that we encourage anyone who likes this DVD to make copies for others.

Download EAIC

An ISO image (729 MB) of the EAIC DVD is available for download. (Consult your DVD authoring software’s documentation or start with this quick tutorial for information about creating DVDs from ISO images.) PDF versions of the EAIC DVD cover artwork and EAIC disc artwork are available for you to download and print.

You can also download an MP4 of EAIC for your IPod® or similar device, or to share with others.

Watch EAIC Online

The fully-accessible version of EAIC will always be available on this website. However, you can also view EAIC on YouTube.

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