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Between the Lions

Between the Lions

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A family of lions run a magical library where characters pop out of books, vowels sing, and words take on a life of their own. This Emmy Award-winning series combines puppetry, animation, and live-action to help young children learn to read.

Closeup of muppet-like pigeons, beaks open, chirping. Caption. Sound of simultaneous chanting. Birds rule! Birds are cool.
Between the Lions
Season 1 / Ep 28
29 minutes 26 seconds
Grade Level: Ps - 6
Closeup of a muppet-like lion, lioness, and cub leaning on stacks of books. Caption. Oh, I love it when you say, "Typewriter."
Between the Lions
Season 2 / Ep 36
29 minutes 21 seconds
Grade Level: Ps - 4