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Filmakers Library, Inc

Woman seated next to an adolescent girl who is slumped down in her chair, forehead in hand like she's irritated. Caption. Now I'm going to find out about autism.
1 hours 3 minutes
Grade Level: PT/TT
Older Rosa Parks wearing square glasses and a colorful button-up blouse looks out and away from camera. Caption. King. Two stops later, her ride ended.
24 minutes 59 seconds
Grade Level: 7 - 12
Black and white photo of a factory worker standing next to a classic car. Caption. The Model A was the first car built at the Rouge.
46 minutes 31 seconds
Grade Level: 9 - 12
Korean boy sits on the ground, hands on his knees. Caption. How did I get them? They're cigarette burns.
51 minutes 34 seconds
Grade Level: 12
Wide shot showing the ancient city of Bagan in Myanmar with ancient pagodas and stupas stretching high above a dense forest below.
1 hours 30 minutes 5 seconds
Grade Level: 11 - 12
Closeup of an Afghan woman crouched near a wall, head covered with a white, gauzy hijab. Caption. I begged the Taliban to tell me where my husband was.
35 minutes 43 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Woman stands between 2 babies swinging forward in bucket swings. Caption. Where there was one twin that was born hearing.
29 minutes 29 seconds
Grade Level: PT/TT
Closeup of a woman, smiling. Caption. Woman as narrator. She considered herself more American than Afghan.
26 minutes 53 seconds
Grade Level: 10 - 12
Black and white image of a young woman touching her thumb and index fingers together, interlocking them like a linked chain.
42 minutes
Grade Level: 9 - 12