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Tin Soldiers

59 minutes 32 seconds

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Humankind is extraordinary in its ability to adapt, and several individuals with physical disabilities share their stories of healing through adaptive sports. This perspective into the world of people with amputated limbs, spinal bifida, paralysis, and cerebral palsy shows individuals finding their passion to participate in sporting events. Stories include double amputee Zach Ruhl, who is a professional CrossFit coach and Paralympic powerlifter. WCMX rider Quinn Waitley and three-year-old Abel Rose also share their stories of skateboarding for wheelchair users. Four-time Paralympian medalist Alana Nichols discusses her transition to adaptive sports after a skiing accident left her paralyzed. Alana is the first person to win gold in the summer and winter Olympic games for the USA.

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Runtime: 59 minutes 32 seconds

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