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Nomads: Salt Caravans in the Niger

52 minutes 23 seconds

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Situated near an oasis in Niger's Ayar Mountains, the remote settlement of Timia is home to small-scale wheat growers. Once a year, after the harvest is done, members of the Kel Ewen clan federation-a subgroup of the Tuareg nomads-will venture into the merciless Ténéré desert to trade their wares. Almost 600 kilometers lie between the paradise-like gardens of Timia and the village of Bilma, which produces salt from evaporation ponds. Bilma is, traditionally, one of the last stops on the age-old trans-Saharan trade route, and its salt is widely recognized as a trading article for grain and all manner of goods. This program follows a camel caravan as it makes its way along the route, taking on salt in Bilma, then heading further southward to Nigeria.

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Runtime: 52 minutes 23 seconds

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