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Mark's Moments

32 minutes 54 seconds

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Host Mark Sykes spends time with kids who are physically challenged. Through each day-in-the-life visit, viewers get a glimpse of what each child's life is like and see that each has friends and family, chores to complete, and personal interests. First, Mark meets 13-year-old Niall, who was born with minimal vision and now is fully blind. Next Mark meets 12-year-old Alex, a right-hand amputee since birth, who challenges Mark to tie a shoe without the use of all ten fingers. Mark also visits with others friend, including Christina, who has Congenital Femoral Deficiency (CFD), Jenna, who has Cerebral Palsy, Max, an amputee who uses prosthetics; Eric, who has Spina Bifida; Zack, who has Cerebral Palsy; and Melinda, who has Down Syndrome.

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Runtime: 32 minutes 54 seconds

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