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Amazing Kids Of Character: Respect

18 minutes

Highlights a crucial cornerstone of character-respect-by showing real kids who achieved amazing results for themselves and their communities. The building block to good relationships is respect. Showing respect is more than just being polite or following the "golden rule" of be treated. When a student respects someone, he or she acknowledges that another person's opinions and views are as important as his or her own. In a society full of competing views on politics, religion and everyday life, it is vital that teens learn to listen to others and understand the right of others to hold opinions with which they disagree. Teaches to embrace differences and treat others with respect, those negative situations will melt into an atmosphere of connectedness and cooperation.

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  • Tiny_default-profile-photo Paula M. (Tulalip, WA)
    February 24th, 2016 at 11:50 AM

    Excellent resource for teaching young kids about why and how to show respect in all aspects of life!