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You, Your Body And Puberty (Spanish)

24 minutes 16 seconds

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Adult and young person talking in a kitchen. Spanish captions.

Explains what is normal for boys and girls at puberty: the biological facts of physical maturation, the timeline for growth for both sexes, the normal feelings of self-consciousness, the need for good personal hygiene, why mood swings happen, and preparation of the body for human sexuality and reproduction.

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Runtime: 24 minutes 16 seconds

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Illustration of a pre-teen boy. Caption: Soon there will be even more changes in your body.
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Foot, ankle, and lower leg of a human skeleton. Caption: It's actually a living tissue, continually changing
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Child at the top of an escalator. Caption: We don't suddenly become adults overnight,
The Living Body
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A boy who looks sad and confused. Caption: I've noticed there's hair under my arms.
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