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Lion In The House Series: Childhood Cancer & School Issues

39 minutes

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Still image from Lion In The House Series:  Childhood Cancer & School Issues

School still matters to a child or adolescent facing cancer. With childhood cancer survival rates now nearing 80%, most young cancer patients find themselves going back to school. Answers these questions: 1) Will they be accepted and understood by their peers? 2) Will they be months behind? 3) Will the effects of their treatment interfere with their learning abilities? Also, discusses real-life case studies of five kids of differing age, race, and genders who have walked this road. Meets four childhood cancer patients and survivors, and one sibling of a patient, and follows their struggles, in some cases years beyond their actual cancer treatment. Note: Contains profanity.

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Runtime: 39 minutes

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2 children smile as they ride big wheel tricycles on a driveway in front of a grassy field with a barn. Caption. Alex was diagnosed with leukemia.
Lion In The House
Episode 1
39 minutes
Grade Level: 6 - 12
Aerial view of a boy laying on a hospital bed while connected to chest monitoring patches and tubes. The hand of a person off camera examines him. Caption. They're intended to present real-life situations.
Lion In The House
Episode 2
53 minutes 43 seconds
Grade Level: 6 - 12