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The Eye

24 minutes

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Still image from The Eye

The eye is one of each human's major sense organs. It gathers light information and transforms it into a signal that is used by the brain to formulate an appropriate response. How does this process work? What are the structures involved, and what do they do? These questions are answered using a unique, integrated approach that combines the anatomy and function of the eye. Includes detailed footage of the dissection of the bovine eye.

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Runtime: 24 minutes

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Viewer Comments

  • Tiny default profile photo
    Denise P. (Great Falls, MT)
    January 28th, 2015 at 09:48 AM

    Well done video with good descriptions. Explained each part of the eye, its location relative to other parts of the eye, and the purpose for each part. If possible, I recommend using a 3-d model of the eye to accompany the video.