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Stages Of Theatre: Greece And Rome

22 minutes 46 seconds

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Still image from Stages Of Theatre: Greece And Rome

First of the two-part series. Beginning with the most rudimentary of theatres-an open plot of ground that the Greeks called a "theatron" or "seeing space"- how the concept of the theatre evolved over the centuries is illustrated in stunning detail. Professor Richard Beacham of King's College London guides viewers through the Theatre of Epidaurus and the Lycurgian, Hellenistic, and Roman manifestations of the Theatre of Dionysus. The odea of Pericles and Agrippa and Rome's magnificent Theatre of Pompey are also featured, clearly demonstrating through virtual-reality archaeology the sophistication of ancient theatrical productions. Accessibility options on the DVD are: (1) audio description, (2) expanded audio description, (3) English subtitles, (4) closed captions.

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Runtime: 22 minutes 46 seconds

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Closeup of an ancient Greek red figure vase. Caption. The vase shows a low stage standing on wooden supports.
Stages Of Theater: From The Greeks To Shakespeare
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Globe Theatre stands behind bare trees at the edge of the River Thames. Caption. This is a view of the Globe Theatre.
Stages Of Theater: From The Greeks To Shakespeare
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