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Magic For Young Adults, Ages 10-17: Volume Two

1 hours 10 minutes 55 seconds

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Still image from Magic For Young Adults, Ages 10-17: Volume Two

Second of a two-part series. Professional magicians demonstrate step by step how to perform magic tricks and illusions using everyday household items. Reviews Lessons 1-5 from Volume One. Lessons 6-10 cover the element of surprise, how to plan a show and what tricks to include, and the importance of routines, variety, and music. Emphasizes the need for practicing tricks and patter. Discusses what to wear when performing, how to set up and prepare for a show, and performance tips. Suggests ways to improve by going to the library, searching the Internet, or by visiting a local magic shop. Parental supervision advised during the magical activities presented in the program.

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Runtime: 1 hours 10 minutes 55 seconds

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Man in a black t-shirt stands with his head turned toward camera as he taps a pencil on his fist. Caption. Here's what was really happening behind the scenes.
Magic For Young Adults
Episode 1
1 hours 13 minutes 8 seconds
Grade Level: All -
Bearded man in a suit coat looks at a rubber band that's looped over his index finger and thumb on 1 hand. He stretches the center of the rubber band to the side with his other index finger. Caption. Watch. I'll do it one more time.
Magic For Young Adults
Episode 2
1 hours 10 minutes 55 seconds
Grade Level: All -