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Magic For Children, Ages 5-9: Volume Two

1 hours 6 minutes 12 seconds

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Still image from Magic For Children, Ages 5-9:  Volume Two

Second of a two-part series. Professional magicians demonstrate step by step how to perform magic tricks and illusions using everyday household items. Reviews lessons 1-5 from Volume One. Lessons 6-10 cover the element of surprise, choosing tricks and building a routine, practice, putting on a magic show, and suggestions for getting even better by visiting the library, the Internet, or a local trick shop. Parental supervision advised during the magical activities presented in the program.

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Runtime: 1 hours 6 minutes 12 seconds

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Overhead closeup of hands holding a folded 1 dollar bill. Paper clips are arranged on a red surface below. Caption. Make sure you leave a flap on each side to grab on to.
Magic For Kids
Episode 1
1 hours 5 minutes 57 seconds
Grade Level: All -
Man in a black collared shirt sits behind a red table with playing cards arranged on top. Caption. That trick seems impossible, but it's easy to perform.
Magic For Kids
Episode 2
1 hours 6 minutes 12 seconds
Grade Level: All -