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We Must Never Forget: The Story of the Holocaust

36 minutes 21 seconds

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Black and white image shows the wreckage of a large building that was bombed during WWII. Caption. One of the worst moments came on November 9, 1938.

Uses photos, film footage, and interviews to put the history of the Holocaust into perspective. Reviews Germany's political climate that led to World War II and the decision to eliminate all European Jews. Auschwitz survivor Rosa Katz tells her story to help young people understand that remembering the Holocaust can help it to never recur.

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Runtime: 36 minutes 21 seconds

Girl seated next to a small window and talking to a teenage boy.  Caption. How long have you been keeping a diary?
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Black and white print of Anne Frank's portrait next to an excerpt from her diary. There is a square grid overlay and red markings over her portrait.
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Still image from: Who Was Anne Frank?
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